What actually you can do with Japanese Wagyu Fat

Hey there chef, yeah you, the ones who reading this, yes you, not the one at the back, its youuu~

We want to share something, a little bit of knowledge of Japanese wagyu fat….. So here we go,

Everyone had their own creative and innovative way of cooking. Even Gordon Ramsey had its own style you like he said,

So~ for today we are going to introduce you how to make your cooking even more interesting by adding Japanese wagyu fat in it. This method are suitable for most of fried base cooking like nasi goreng, mee goreng, ayam goreng and etc.

It is simple as 123, ABC such the cooking oil can be replace by Japanese wagyu fat because in Japanese wagyu fat it has essential amount of oil that can be extract in it while cooking. So that you can choose either using Japanese wagyu fat as main oil, or it can be mix with other cooking oil. It is up to you as a chef at your restaurant, home, school and other places.

DON’T PANICits NOTCOVID, Japanese Wagyu’s fat contains high oleic acid and stearic acid, which helps to cleanse your blood.

The function of the fat as an oil are to give a different aroma and taste to the rice or the ingredients that been added.

Believe us its different. But as if you had any different ideas on using this Japanese wagyu fat, feel free to leave a comments and share us about your experience on doing it.



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