Tips Number 2 How to Cook Wagyu Steak Like Master Chef

Hye guys, Welcome back to our next episode how to cook Wagyu steak like a master chef.

Next tips is “store your beef”.

So what is exactly “store your beef” meanings? Do you do with the right way or not?

No worry at all, we will expose the secrets hence you can taste your steak with the highest quality and richly flavor like you eat at five star hotel and premium steakhouse.

Before you even think about throwing your Wagyu steak onto that sizzling cast-iron pan, you’ve got to know how to store your beef. Yes, your steak storage knowledge is just as important as your cooking skills.

If you’re ordering Wagyu online, your beef should arrive completely or partially frozen in vacuum-sealed packaging. In case, you end up with a hunk of freezer-burnt Wagyu, you’ll need to put your steaks in the freezer right away until you’re ready to enjoy them.

Why? Air exposure is what causes freezer burn, so the less time your meat spends outside of its freezer-friendly environment, the less exposure to air it has and the less likely you’ll end up with beef burn.

Now you know the right way of storing your Wagyu beef. Feel free to buy from us as we already seal the steaks in vacuum packaging. The truth is we care for your satisfaction, thus we try our best for the services.

Stay tuned for the next episodes. Don’t forget to follow up for the next tips.


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