The improvement on Japanese Wagyu Marble throughout the years

Japanese Wagyu beef cattle are native to Japan and Japanese Wagyu varieties have been improved over the years through breeding programs by agricultural organizations and beef farmers

To produce beef that satisfies the requirements of the Japanese beef market, appropriate nutritional management is essential. Nutritional management programs must consider numerous factors including growth rate, feed efficiency, health, animal welfare, disease tolerance, and intramuscular fat accumulation.

Marbling (intramuscular fat) is one of the most important factors determining meat quality, especially texture and flavor. Japanese Black cattle are characterized by their ability to deposit very large amounts of intramuscular fat

Its not an easy job to create, improve and maintain the marble of the Wagyu. They even treat the Wagyu like their own son by feeding, play a classical calm song and massaging them at the farm. If they stressed, it will change the marble and textures of the beef and meat. Also it will decrease the quality of the meat.

>Did you know that Japanese Wagyu beef has 12 stages of marble score right now <

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