The Do’s & Dont’s Of Cooking Wagyu

The marbling of wagyu makes it very forgiving and sinfully good!

It is at its juiciest and most tender when the fat is melted throughout the meat, so we recommend cooking it medium rare to medium. Here’s a few simple steps to follow.

Don’t cook from cold : An hour before cooking, remove your wagyu from the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature. This allows the meat to cook evenly and faster.

Don’t be afraid of salt : Once at room temperature, season your wagyu with salt and pepper at both sides.

Sear Wagyu To Crispy & Delicious : Searing the surfaces of steaks will help them to retain moisture during cooking and result to a nice brownish colour. Sear wagyu in a pre-heated pan for about 2 minutes on each surface, before move to a moderate heat to finish cooking.

Test The Thermometer : Always use a meat thermometer to test for doneness. Each different of cooking times will lead to varying results. So, be careful!

Rest The Meat : Remove your wagyu just before it is fully cooked and wrap it in foil. Let it rest in a warm place for 5 minutes (for steaks) or 15-20 minutes (for roasts). During this time, the temperature rises by several degrees, thus finishing off the cooking process. While, resting the meat also allows the juices to spread evenly, ensuring a tender, juicy eating experience.


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