The difference between Wagyu F1 and Wagyu Fullblood

Does everyone know the difference between this 2 types of Wagyu? Do you think that Wagyu F1 is a mixture of Formula One ingredient?

If you think so, then you might get it wrong.

So what makes Japanese wagyu F1 different from Japanese Wagyu Fullblood?

Basically, Fullblood Wagyu is the original state of Wagyu (100% genetic) that doesn’t has any crossbreed at all.The highest grade of fullblood Japanese Wagyu Is A5.The beauty of the marbling and the quality meat that seems to melt in your mouth is what makes wagyu a high quality and delicious meat

On the other hand, Wagyu F1 has 50% or higher Wagyu genetic content. It is a crossbreeding between Fullblood Wagyu and Holstein (type of cow).

Fullblood Japanese wagyu A5 grade is the best wagyu beef in the world.

Japanese Wagyu F1 is superior than Wagyu Australia and American Wagyu in term of :

  1. Rich in vitamin Enrich in anti oxidant which keep the beef freshness longer
  2. Has high proportion of unsaturated fatty acid, especially oleic acid
  3. The fat has low melting point, which make the beef melt as you eat

So there u have it, simple right?


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