We realize that an exquisite product must come with special care and services. In AAH, we want to brought forward the value added that ensure quality and satisfaction to reach all walks of life in Malaysia. We took the initiative to build our Meat Processing Center (MPC) and to train our local Malaysian to gain the skills and mastery of the Japanese art of butchery.


Started in November 2019, our MPC design and operation follows the Japanese standard. All workers or visitors that enter our MPC must go through strict hygienic process and self contain air circulation system (air shower) to minimize contamination. Our MPC is halal JAKIM certified (JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/ 1 176-02/2020).

The processing room can accommodate up to 4 work stations and equipped with slicer, band saw, mincer, vacuum pack, weighing and labelling equipment. We also have 16 tray blast chiller & freezer to ensure the quality of our frozen production. Our processing area temperature is maintained at 10°C to 12°C. Attached to the room is our cold room (-16°C to -23°C) and chiller room (2°C to 6°C) and with both combined, we have a maximum storage capacity of 8 tons at one time.

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