Japanese Wagyu Vs Australian Wagyu

What is the difference between Japanese Wagyu and Australian Wagyu?

Wagyu is the Japanese Word. ‘Wa” means Japanese meanwhile “Gyu” means beef. So the origin of Wagyu Beef is from Japan.

Grading system for both of beef also difference.For Australian wagyu, meats marble score is from 0 to 9.Australian wagyu usually score is 6.Japanese wagyu grading system is more details.Japanese wagyu meat marble score is from 0 to 12 and also got yield score which is A,B and C.Highest grade for Japanese Wagyu is A5 which is marbling score is between 9-12.

Feeding for Japanese Wagyu is much longer which is 600 days while Australian wagyu is 350 days to 450 days only. The long-fed feeding technique makes japanese wagyu more tender and larger in size.

Australian wagyu cattle generally feed on grass, sometimes with the addition of wheat and barley.Meanwhile,feedstuffs for Japanese wagyu is applying total mixed ration (TMR) as it is proven nutrition approach.Cattle feed in Japan are mostly from feed grain such as corn,grain sorghum,rice,wheat and barley.

Australian wagyu was leaner and had a distinctive meaty flavor.Japanese wagyu,the high degree of marbling adds an extraordinary depth of flavour that makes Wagyu beef a culinary delicacy. As a result the meat has a delectably intense buttery flavor as well as scrumptious juiciness and breathtaking tenderness.


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