Initiative Program Between AAH Nippon & GIATMARA

AAH Nippon Sdn Bhd has been in the butchery industry for 4 years now and owned a fully equipped Meat Processing Centre with 3 butchers in the said team. Since that, we have been dealing with tremendous restaurants, butchery operators and even wholesalers throughout Malaysia. It has come to our attention that the beef players in Malaysia is facing a hard time in operating their business without a competent butcher. As an experienced operator, we see that we need to move a step forward in developing butchery standard to a level parallel to Japan which shall improve the meat value, quality, taste and standard for Malaysia.

In regards to that, we worked on to plan the training modules and decided to tie up with GIATMARA, the government institution providing technical and vocational skills training to youths in rural and urban areas. This effort will help us to achieve our mission which is to produce skillful technical butcher and workforce in fulfilling the country’s industrial needs, and in this context, the butchery industry. On 4th October 2021, AAH Nippon has officially being announced as the training centre for Program Kerjasama Latihan Kemahiran dan Kerjaya antara GIATMARA dan AAH Nippon (bidang Japanese Butchery), which is located at Wisma AAH, ML16 Industrial Park Seri Kembangan.

This 3-months butchery training course will be packed with knowledge from receiving, processing, packing, selling/merchandising and to the table. They will be experiencing hands on training to cut the beef into various cuttings, and from different parts (14 parts to be exact). The training module also injected a Japanese hospitality course called “Omotenashi” which teach the trainees to provide a top-notch service in F&B industries. Most of our technical syllabus is adopted from collaboration with wagyu farms, Halal slaughterhouse, wagyu butcher centers and Yakiniku restaurants in Japan to ensure it meets the standard that has been set by the experts especially in terms of producing Premium wagyu products. Without a reliable workforce, the business might face the risk of losing customer’s trust upon failure to stay compliant with the standards and this program will reduce the possibility of that from happening.

AAH Nippon is very committed towards this “Program Kerjasama Latihan Kemahiran dan Kerjaya antara GIATMARA dan AAH Nippon (bidang Japanese Butchery)” to be a good platform for the students to develop, enhance, master new skills and prepares them for a bright future career goal. Despite of that, we are also responsible in ‘giving back’ to the society in terms of reducing the rate of unemployment problem in Malaysia by providing job opportunities to the trainees once they successfully ended their training course. Therefore, AAH Nippon welcome anyone who has passion in butchery, regardless of race, gender, age, and background to participate to our “Program Kerjasama Latihan Kemahiran dan Kerjaya antara GIATMARA dan AAH Nippon (bidang Japanese Butchery)” for the next intake. Together we grow!

Kindly contact +603-8964 5072 for further enquiries/more details about the program.


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