How to cook Wagyu in a perfect way to get the perfect ,tender, flavourful wagyu steak.

Rest: Steak must rest at least 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. This will allowing to create temperature even in the steak and you can cook it evenly.

Salt: Use Kosher salt to salt steak on both sides. Salts will enhanced the fat and juices of wagyu steak to create a delicious ,flavorful crust.

Heat: use cast iron pan or stainless steel skillet and put it on the stove at medium heat. Make sure pan is heating perfectly before you start cook your steak.

Grease: Rub the wagyu fat inside entire pan. The fat will act as grease to prevent the steak from sticking.

Cook: Then, place wagyu steak on hot cast iron for  about a minute and half.

Flip: Flip the steak and cook until internal temperature of steak reach 130-135 degree celcius for medium rare.

Rest: Rest 5 to 10 minutes then slices into strips.

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