General Questions

What is wagyu beef?

“Wagyu” means “Japanese beef.”

Is it halal beef?

Yes. We do provide our halal certificate from Japan and halal certificate from Malaysia. We also THE ONLY ONE GOT HALAL BY JAKIM FOR WAGYU JAPAN!

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What is the difference between A5 and F1?

F1 is the crossbreed of pureblood wagyu with Holstein beef. The grade is much better than Australian wagyu in term of quality and beef marbling score. F1 beef marbling score between 6-7.

A5 wagyu beef is pureblood Japanese black beef and it was the highest score among wagyu. Wagy comes with A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5. A5 is the highest grade with beef marbling score, (BMS) 8-12. This classification refers to a universal system, grades awarded by a member of the Japan Meat Grading Association.

What make you different from other wagyu seller?

Apart from focusing on selling meat, we also give priority to hygiene and maintaining the quality of the meat. Therefore, we created a Meat Processing Center (MPC) as a hub to carry out the process of cutting meat before it is sold to customers.

What is the condition of the meat and its shelf life?

The meat is in a frozen state with 1-year shelf life from the production date

** if proper storing condition.

Where is the beef originally from?

All of our Wagyu supplies are originally imported from Japan, (Kamichiku, Sanda, Kochi, and mainly from Kagoshima).

What is the packaging type of meat?

The meat comes with vacuum packaging in which the meat is placed in an air-tight pack, the air sucked out and the package sealed. By removing air from around the meat, the levels of oxygen in the packaging are reduced, impeding the ability of oxygen-breathing microorganisms to grow and spoil the product.

Which part of beef is your main cuts from?

Our speciality is we utilised all parts of beef to produce the main cuts for a better experience. You may refer the parts used in the description provided for each product.

What are your main products?

Our main product is Wagyu and sell main cuts which is Steak, Yakiniku, Saikoro & Shabu Shabu

Where are you located?

Wisma AAH M2, Jln ML16, Ml 16 Industrial Park, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

What is your business hours?

Business Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30am-5.30pm
Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday

Can i come walk-in?

You are welcome to come. However, since the outbreak of COVID-19 is still here, appointment booking is needed. Kindly contact our WhatsApp number 013-245-7072 to set your appointment date.
We are encouraging our customers to sit back and relax, just order through and we deliver to your doorsteps!

Can i ask for support?

Yes. You may talk to our customer service via WhatsApp at 013-245-7072.

What delivery service area do you provide?

Klang Valley: we are using the delivery services available in Klang Valley area (Borzo/Lalamove/etc)
Outside Klang Valley: cold logistics

How much is the delivery charges?

Klang Valley: Delivery charges are according to the current rate by the delivery company. Any purchase of RM150 and above in a single receipt will get free delivery.

Outside Klang Valley: Delivery charges are flat rate of RM70, minimum purchase of RM1,000 is needed to get free delivery.

What is the delivery timescale?

Klang Valley: You may choose your preferred delivery date at your convenience.

Outside Klang Valley: Kindly expect maximum of 2 days delivery from the date chosen. You may WhatsApp to 013-245-7072 for any inquiries.

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