Cook your Wagyu in various ways.

We tend to buy Wagyu steak cut then grill it with black-pepper and salt because we always see Salt Bae doing it on social media. Without we knowing there are various style of cooking can be apply.

Butter steak

The butter steak is a variation of the pan

fry method, only with more butter and therefore more deliciousness.

This recipe starts out with a thick-cut of steak. Put a nice cast-iron pan over a medium heat — but don’t add any oil yet. When the pan gets up to temperature, add the steaks but start them on their fatty edges, not flat at first. The plan is to render some of the fat and brown the edges slightly. Keep moving the steak around until all the fat has been browned.

At this point, you should tip the steak on one side and cook it in its own fat for a few minutes, then flip and cook the other side for slightly less time. Pour off all but a little bit of the fat and add a generous helping of butter and crushed garlic. Season with salt and continue to cook. Baste the steak regularly with the butter and turn regularly to keep the heating even.

By using a medium heat, the steak should spend more time at the ideal temperature range. For a steak around 1.5″ thick, you should aim for around 10 minutes a side for medium-rare perfection and a gorgeously browned and tasty crust.

Yakiniku Cut

First, prep your ingredients. Make sure everything is cut to your liking before cooking, as it will cook fast and need your attention. This includes pouring sauces in plates if you have them.

Next, preheat your griddle. Most heat very quickly, so give it just a couple minutes and enjoy a drink while you wait. Ideally 200 C or higher is a good temperature for grilling, but just adjust to your grill’s temperature and taste. Remember, Yakiniku is best at a high heat, cooked only a few minutes on each side, but you don’t want to burn it all at once.

Then, simply place the meat on the griddle! It’s good sanitary practice to place the meat and veggies on opposite ends, but the high heat is said to kill bacteria regardless. You can tell it’s time to flip the meat when the blood began cooking out . Some prefer their meat a little less done, I prefer mine blackened a bit. As for the veggies, cook until soft or to your liking. Remember, there are no rules, make it your own!

Finally, use your chopsticks to dip in some of those delicious sauces you prepared, and enjoy!


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