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Halal Japanese Wagyu Beef in Malaysia

About AAH Nippon

Our company is the first to bring Halal Japanese Wagyu beef to Malaysia. As the pioneer and the biggest Japanese wagyu importer, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality wagyu along with the intricacy of Japanese butchery, and comprehensive Japanese meat cutting facilities. We are also positioning ourselves to become a one-stop wagyu center in Malaysia

From Farm to Table
From Farm
to Table

We want to give our wagyu enthusiasts the peace of mind. We want to make sure that what you will have on your tables is safe, as what we are promised and most importantly halal.


We have taken the steps to participate in all of wagyu supply chain eco-system.


We form strategic partnerships in Japan with wagyu farming, wagyu feeds technology (Total Mix Ration), halal slaughterhouse, cold storage facilities, meat processing center, logistics provider and halal certification body.


We want that when you see our logo in your shopping cart, rest assured that it is safe and halal.

How cattle are raised


How cattle are raised



Get to know our valued partners

HMR is the largest Halal Japanese Wagyu exporter in Japan committed to supply high quality Japanese wagyu beef to local and international market.

HMRH・M Ryochi Co., Ltd.

Zenkai Meat Corporation is our dedicated MPJA halal slaughterhouse based in Kumamoto prefecture Japan. We are dedicated to bring to you halal, fresh, safe, high quality & delicious wagyu


Nishiawa Beef is a MPJA-certified Halal beef handling facility in exporting wagyu beef to Malaysia & Indonesia. Nishiawa beef specialised in wagyu beef cattle slaughter, manufacture, sale and export of meat.


MPJA is one of JAKIM halal certification body in Japan that provides halal certification to the local industries since 2017. Apart from that, we are also certified and recognized by Majlis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) since 2015. Our mission is to cultivate halal Japanese products to the world.


Kamichiku Farm Co. Ltd. has approximately 60 pastures, mainly in Kagoshima where we have established our technology and environment for raising high quality beef.


Taste our Wagyu

Taste our Wagyu

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