June 30, 2015

About Us

Company Profile

AAH NIPPON is a new company which bridging the product of Japan (mostly Japan Halal Food, Beauty and Health) to Malaysia market. AAH NIPPON Sdn. Bhd. was founded and headed by a young entrepreneur, En. Ajwad Abu Hassan in 2013. En. Ajwad, having live in Japan for 7 years and divulging himself into the culture and lifestyle of the Japanese, provide him with acute understanding with the products that are sell-able locally. Thus providing AAH NIPPON an upper hand in providing correct formula in targeting Japanese product market in Malaysia.

Currently, AAH Nippon has a sister company located in Japan MHC Co Ltd (www.mhalalc.jp) to do product research and ensure the ‘halalness’ of every food product which to be market in Malaysia. We are now enjoying increasing demand from its clients sin Japan to showcase their products in Malaysia and further market it to whole country. With our strong connection with Japan side and together our new warehouse located in Serdang worth 4.8 million Malaysia Ringgit, to facilitate the storage and delivery of the products thus we are ready to bring it to Malaysia market.

Corporate Mission

Our Corporate Mission is to be the driver for the made in Japan products which include Beauty and Health products in Malaysia. We strive to :

• Develop and sustain the beauty and health conscious among Malaysian
• To have a good design and useful product that are made in Japan are also available in Malaysia
• To develop a Japan authentic product that can be consume among Muslim countries.